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In the natural health community, what we've learned over the years as scientists and observers of human nature is that the human body is not designed to consume isolated nutrients and use them effectively.
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You can browse through are range of our health-related products on the following pages.

Our health supplements are the most complete source of natural minerals and vitamins in the natural world and are only available in Ireland through us.


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LuCOL - Lustre Collagen, 6g
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Now Vitamin D3, 1000iu liquid

Now Magtein (Magnesium L-Threonate)

Progesta Plus - Natural Progesterone Cream for Women

Enzymedica Digest Spectrum

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BE WISE SERIES 3 (Understanding THE POWER OF YOUR MIND in the healing of cancer )

Cancer Action Plan: Useful Innovative Alternative Cancer Therapies

World Without AIDS

Food & Cancer

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