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BioCatalyst - (Digestive Enzymes)
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Advanced Formula Digestive Enzyme & Peptide Blend

* Joint Research by The USA and Japan

* Promotes health digestion

* Enhance immune system

* Gain maximum nourishment from every single meal

* Plant-based


Bio-Catalyst is helpful in which condition?

• Promote healthy digestion of dairy foods (Lactose intolerance)

• Promote healthy digestion of large protein meals

• Promote nutrients absorption and assimilation

• Promote anti-aging

• Celiac disease and food sensitivities

• Pancreatic enzyme insufficiency

• Digestive aid for geriatrics

• Helps regulate the gut motility

• Helps reduce bloating problem & reduce acidity

• Helps stimulate appetite

• Weight management



Kale, sesame, cabbage, seaweed, ginger, green pea, radish, tomato, carrot, sweet potato, spinach, perilla, bean sprout, lettuce, beet broccoli, pepper, parsley, pumpkin, papaya, pineapple, fermented plant peptide.


How to Consume:

For digestion improvement

1 sachet before, during, or after meals. 

Consume directly or mix with room temperature water (100ml)

For systemic therapy
Take between meals or on empty stomach.
(* Precaution: Do not take enzymes with empty stomach if you have stomach ulcer.)
 It is also important to take enzymes with sufficient water. This is because water is required to activate the “water-craving” hydrolytic enzymes. The moisture in your mouth may not be sufficient.
▶ All enzymes are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. To preserve the superior quality of the enzymes, it is strongly advised to place Bio-Catalyst in cool and dry place.

Net weight: 66g (30 sachets x 2.2g)



What are Enzymes?

Enzymes Composition

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