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I-Green is a unique company that produces personal care products which are healthy and environment-friendly after much and careful research on natural plant extracts and essential oils and productions processes. These products do not contain harmful chemicals and are biodegradable. They are preserved with a synergistic blend of natural ingredients with potent antibacterial properties. They do not pose any short term or long term harm with prolonged usage.


I-Green products are truly pure and natural

Use only natural, clean and pure ingredients in the products. Natural essential oils and other plant extracts are harvested from nature, uniquely blended and formulated, to give you a range of I-Green products that are not only safe and healthy, you will enjoy a radiant, refreshing and relaxing feeling after every application.


No Harmful Ingredients ( Click here to download a mp3 lecture on Harmful Household Ingredients )

All I-Green personal care products are free of any artificial colorant, fragrance or harmful chemical. We use only safe and natural ingredients, preservatives and antioxidants to produce and preserve our products' quality.


Environment friendly

I-Green personal care products may give you less foam or lather because lather generators and boosters that stabilize bubbles are chemicals that are not friendly to the skin nor to the environment. All I-Green products are made of natural plant extracts and are highly biodegradable and environment friendly.


Natural Aroma

The scents in our products are derived from the ingredients' natural aroma and retain their therapeutic and antiseptic properties. Artificial fragrances commonly used in other personal care products are mostly derived from petrochemicals. This chemical residua that will sit on our skin to make the scent last longer is not desirable, and may be hazardous to our health. Scent should not stay on the skin for a long period. Artificial fragrance is one of the major causes of rashes, eczema and skin irritation. 


Safe on Your Skin

Other personal care products use chemicals that only "care" to do the cleansing or moisturizing job without concern that the chemicals utilized will eventually caused harmful effects or even serious illness after prolonged usage. I-Green products are carefully formulated to be safe and healthy so that you, together with your loved ones can enjoy them.


Natural, Mild and Effective.

Special care for the special needs of your skin and hair. Resurge answer the needs of those who have sensitive or problem skin and hair.

All Resurge products are dermatologically tested, made of safe, mild and natural ingredients, and are free of harmful chemicals.

Only Natural Ingredients are used...

The ingredients that make up Resurge only encapsulate plant extracts and 100% essential oils. Aptly, Resurge is free of harmfulchemicals such as parabens, formaldehydes, SLS/SLES, DEA/TEA, mineral oils, artificial colorants and fragrances.

Ingredients in Resurge are Mild...

  • Ingredients in Resurge are not only natural, they are safe and mild. The mildness of Resurge comes from the selection of the mildest and safest ingredients from all over the world.
  • The cleansing agent in Resurge is an ultra mild plant amino acid which has a pH level close to that of the skin's. Therefore, it is excellent for people with sensitive skin or damaged hair.
  • Because only mild plant extracts, plant oils and essential oils, such as Chamomile extract, Lavender essential, Manuka and Rosehip oils are used, people who have skins that are very sensitive, dry, or soap-intolerant will find solace in Resurge.
  • No harmful or harsh chemicals such as parabens, SLS/SLES, formaldehyde and mineral oils are used.

And of course, Resurge is Effective...
Resurge only uses plant-based active ingredients to perform its respective intended functions. They are very effective but mild and safe.

100% Natural Stretch Mark Solution
Stretch marks is one of the most common concerns of pregnant women. They occur during pregnancy and are linked to hormonal changes which result in the rupturing of collagen and elastin fibers. This causes visible scars on the skin's surface, which are generally referred to as stretch marks. They usually take the form of reddish-purple ridges, which develop into a pearly-white colour over time.

It is impossible for one products to effectively prevent and remove stretch marks. As such, BUDs for mom introduces its complete solution to stretch marks with a pre and post natal stretch mark cream enhance the production of collagen and elastin as well as protect existing collagen network fibers from detrimental enzymes. However, our Post Natal Stretch Mark Cream has added ingredients to aid and accelerate the rebuilding of the extra-cellular matrix damaged during pregnancy.

Buds for mom products are formulated using the finest natural ingredients. Each product has active ingredients to effectively prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. They also contain the following common ingredients:

Vitamin E
A powerful antioxidant that effectively protects the skin against free radicals that weaken the skin's collagen.

Vitamin C
Oil soluble Vitamin C keeps the skin soft and supple.

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