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Even before you baby is born, you realize that her health is in your hands. As such, you take every precaution to ensure her health and welfare are optimized by quitting smoking and drinking, eating healthily and possibly doing mild exercises. This natural instinct to provide the best is sustained beyond pregnancy, and once baby is born most parents endeavor to meet their new baby’s nutritional, emotional and physical needs in whatever way possible.
A baby’s nutritional needs can best be provided by on-demand breastfeeding. Lots of love, hugs and cuddles are in order to ensure baby’s sound emotional development. This will then form the basis for your baby to develop in the most optimal conditions.
However, our environment poses many risks to a newborn. During the first year of life your baby will spend hours close to the ground where once mobile she will explore the new and exciting world around her. She will undoubtedly come across many things that she will want to play with and maybe even taste. Some of these encounters will put there toll on your little ones fragile skin and under developed immune system. This also includes baby care products that may contain harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.
You will soon come to realize that you have limited control over what your baby comes in contact with. You do however have control over your choice of baby care products and it would make sense that you would whish to choose ones that help to protect and heal your baby. The Buds Baby range that contains only carefully selected natural ingredients from all over the world does just that. For example, most of the products contain Portulaca extract that has natural anti-irritant and anti-allergy properties. It also actively helps your baby’s skin protect itself from harmful pollutants and skin sensitizers. Another ingredient that is used extensively in this wonderful range is Beta Glucan. A derivative from a species of mushrooms, Beta Glucan helps wounds heal and promotes cell proliferation. As Buds Baby only contains natural plant based ingredients it is free from the harmful or potentially harmful chemicals found in most baby care products.


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