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Dr. Chris K. H. Teo, Dip. Agr. (M), B. Agr. Sc. (Hons.)(M), M.S, Ph. D. (Hawaii), Dip. Hom., was formerly a Professor of Botany at Universiti Sains Malaysia. He retired from this position after teaching and research at that University for 26 years. His wife Ch?g Beng Im, B. Sc. (Edu.) (Hons.), is a school teacher. They founded Cancer Care in 1995
WARNING! You are about to enter the Reality Zone, a place where truth is stranger than fiction, where knowledge is king, where myths are shattered and deceptions exposed. It's a place where the lessons of history are found and true-life adventures reveal the hidden nature of man.
Now at: Wexford Natural Healing Centre. World famous traditional Thai Massage from the famous Wat Po Thai University.
Complementary & Alternative Medicine Networking in East & West Sussex, Kent and Hants
The Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) was established in February 2002. Its aim is to work cooperatively across the EU and internationally to positively shape legislation proposed by the European Commission in order to ensure continued access to popular, safe and effective food supplements in EU member countries.
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We specialize in Chinese Medicine for diabetes, impotence, and kidney problems.
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Breathtaking audio information about Cancer.
How Hypno-Training can change your life !

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