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Mush E-9 (Anti-oxidant-Beta Glucan)
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Mush-E9 is a blend of 9 types of both nutritious and delicious mushrooms. Mushrooms are naturally rich in powerful antioxidants which neutralize free radicals in the body. The antioxidants are mainly found in the bodies and the mycelium of the mushrooms. Beta Glucan is another powerful substance found in mushrooms. The beta glucan is also well-known in reducing the free radicals. Mushroom is very unique, it doesn’t belong to the plant or animal kingdom, but a kingdom of fungi speciallyMushroom has becoming part of human health food for centuries due to its special aroma and nutrient rich properties.
See the uniqueness of Beta D-glucan in different types of mushrooms.
*Shiitake Mushroom
*Maitake Mushroom
*Almond Mushroom(widely known as Blazei Mushroom)
*Lion’s Mane Mushroom
*Turkey Tail Mushroom
*Cordyceps Mushroom (Flower)
*Reishi Mushroom
*Antrodia Mushroom
*Button Mushroom
*Brown Rice Powder
*Millet Powder


Types of Mushroom