Nascent Iodine, 30ml
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Also known as monatomic, atomic iodine, or “atomidine,” nascent iodine is many times more absorbable than other kinds of iodine and requires less energy from the body to do its job. It can also still be used in all the same external ways as tincture of iodine but contains no synthetic substances or alcohol.

In addition to restoring proper iodine levels, supporting thyroid function, and boosting metabolism, iodine also:

  • Supports healthy immune functioning
  • Helps maintain healthy weight
  • Promotes younger-looking skin and healthier hair and nails
  • Fighting infections
  • Balancing hormones
  • Helping to maintain cardiovascular health
  • increasing brain health
  • Protects against common radiation from airport screens, cell phones, and medical scans; and much more.
  • Can also be used externally as a disinfectant and antiseptic.


Suggested Use

3 Drops a day placed under the tongue, followed by an 8-ounce glass of purified water.

Each drop is loaded with 650 micrograms of iodine to promote the normal iodine levels necessary to support the thyroid and hormone balance.


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