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 Progesta Plus - Natural Progesterone Cream for Women
(per 3 oz. pump)
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 39.00
Price (UK Order) : GBP 34.90


Natural "Wild Yam" Body Cream for Women.

As a woman ages, her body own natural supply of progesterone diminishes requiring supplementation. Living in industrialized countries and exposed to petrochemical by-products, processed foods, steroidal meats and dairy products benefit specifically from natural progesterone replenishment.

Natural wild yam skin cream can correct hormone imbalances to relieve the symptoms of PMS, menopause, osteoporosis and body weight gains without the adverse effects associated with HRT and estrogen.

It formulated with refreshing herbs and essential oils to cool, moisturize and soften you skin with Aloe, Primrose, Red Clover, Soy Isoflavones, Vitamin A, B and E, wild yam and shea butter.

  • Derived from Wild Yam In a patented delivery system

  • Sealed pump dispenser for freshness & exact measured dosage

  • Lasts 2 months; 60 pumps per container a great value

To listen to a lecture by Dr John Lee MD. Please click here.

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 Prosta-Health - Natural Progesterone Body Cream for Men
(per 3 oz. pump)
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 39.00
Price (UK Order) : GBP 34.90

A powerful natural supplement for men. Just as in women, men can suffer from the effects of "estrogen dominance" and reduced levels of progesterone caused by an over abundance of estrogen in the foods we eat and Xeno-estrogenic chemicals in our modern environment. Research also suggested that natural progesterone can counteract the toxic effects of estrogen dominance.  

Recommended for: 

  • Improved libido 

  • Improved prostate health 

  • Overall sense of well-being and feeling young

The performance enhancing ingredients are natural progesterone, red clover, tribula terrestris, ginseng, shea butter, damiana, aloe vera, saw palmetto extract, dong quai, Vitamin A, E and B3.

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 Joint Medic - Quick Relief Cream for Painful Joints and Inflammation
(3 oz. pump)
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 39.00
Price (UK Order) : GBP 35.00

Joint Medic unique combination of homeopathic medicines and nutritional supplements. It addresses the root causes of a variety of arthritic conditions. It has the ability to reduce the pain, redness and swelling associated with arthritis by regulating self-attacking "renegade" immune fighter "T" cells.  It has been effective in providing quick relief to degenerative joints, as well as common aches and pains.

The unique benefits of combining Chondroitin, Glucosamine and hydrolyzed CMO cartilage (an immuno-modulator) acts to both accelerate the effects of the glucosamine and to promote lubrication in the joints, resulting in freedom of movement for people suffering from joint and cartilage problems.

Performance-Enhancing Ingredients in Joint Medic: Chondroitin; Glucosamine; CMO.


Interview with Dr. Alan Woods, MD. that Reveals How You Can Gain Pain-Free Joint and Muscle Relief, Safely, Naturally and without Pharmaceuticals. Click Here for MP3 download.

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 BERLINK Magne-Cure Bracelet (PROMOTION)
Copper and Magnetic Bracelet
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 23.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 20.90


“Berlink Magne-Cure” is a copper bracelet consists of permanent magnets of more than 2000 gauss which helps to relief pain. Insufficiency of copper can now be balanced by simply wearing the “Berlink Magne-Cure” copper bracelet. The effect of “Berlink Magne-Cure” not only restricted to the wearing is, however the relief from pain can reach all parts of the body.


It is important to understand that this bracelet is not intended to replace any other treatment a prescribed by a physician, and can only be treated as an addition to such treatment.



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