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 LuCOL - Lustre Collagen, 6g
20 sachets
Price (Irish Order) : Euro 44.90
Price (UK Order) : GBP 39.90

By synergizing the powerful properties from various antioxidant rich berries, fruits and hydrolysed marine collage, LuCol is specially formulated to rejuvenate body cells and restore collage level in a natural way in the shortest time possible. By consuming Lucol continuously for 7 days (2 serving daily), you will start to feel the rejuvenation effect both internally and externally. 

LuCOL helps:

Enhance collagen formation process in the body
Delay aging process
Enhance firmness and elasticity of the skin
Skin whitening effect – diminish brown age spots
Reduce fine wrinkles
Promote healthy joints
Firmness of face and breasts

Ingredients: Acai berry, acelora juice, camu berry, grapeseed, hydrolysed marine collage, ALA, olive extract.

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